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Research in neurolab does not differ much from research in the ordinary consumer lab, only the methods used are different. These methods come from the field of neuroscience and sensory-motor, cognitive and affective responses are measured. During a participation in research in neurolab you can participate in EEG research (measuring brainwaves), EMG research (measuring muscle movement), eyetracking research (measuring eye movements), GSR measurement (measuring skin guidance) or a Facereader measurement (measuring facial expressions). The measurements are absolutely not dangerous and not invasive.



In principle everyone can participate in studies in the neurolab, you do not have to be a student at UGent. An important condition is that you speak Dutch fluently, since most experiments are in Dutch, unless otherwise indicated. You have to be able to sit still, for example if you have a cold and you have to sneeze a lot and so your head has to move a lot, it is not recommended to take part in experiments in the neurolab, because this disturbs the measurements. Specific conditions relating to the measuring instruments are always announced in advance. Some general conditions depending on the measuring instrument:

EEG research: In this research electrodes are glued to your head, temples and wrists. Unfortunately, these measurements do not work optimally when participants have dreadlocks or wear a hearing aid. Piercings should also be removed.

Galvanic Skin Response (GSR): No specific conditions.

Electromyography (EMG): No specific conditions.

Eyetracking: Eye movements are measured in this type of research. Preferably you do not wear glasses, but as long as your glasses do not have anti-reflective or polarized lenses, you can also participate in eyetracking research. Lenses are no problem at all.

Facereader: This measurement method identifies your facial expression using a specialized software. For this it is important that your face is fully visible. You can also be asked to put your glasses off.



Register via Through this platform you can keep an eye on whether new surveys are planned for which you can register.

Attention, you can not register multiple times for the same session. Do not forget to notify if you can not come to a session so that we can release your place for other participants.

All information you provide during your participation in experiments will only be used for scientific purposes and will not be communicated to third parties.



You can participate in experimental sessions against credits (only for Marketing students) or for financial compensation. The latter amounts to € 8 for a session of 50 minutes or € 5 for a session of 30 minutes. Parking tickets or transport costs are not reimbursed additionally.



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