Refugees welcome at UGent

Refugees are welcome at Ghent University to study, to obtain a doctorate (PhD) or to carry out research.

This page contains information for refugees in English. Please note, some information on linked pages is only available in Dutch.

Information sessions 'studying at Ghent University'

At the moment all information sessions are canceled because of the measures to limit the impact of the corona virus.
However, you can contact all UGent services by email or phone.

Information on studying at Ghent University can be found below on this website and in this document.

In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

09/264 98 22


As refugee you are welcome to study at Ghent University:

Doctoral Research (PhD)

If you are interested in doing scientific research, you may apply for a doctoral research position (PhD).

More information about doctoral research

Working at UGent (research)

Some of the vacancies for researchers are explicitly open for refugees.


Contact for refugees

Katrien De Bruyn
T +32 9 264 98 22