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Centre for Biosystems and Biotech Data Science

The Center for Biosystems and Biotech Data Science pursues the development of new mathematical and computational approaches for analyzing biosystems and for extracting knowledge from huge sets of biotech data (e.g., biological sequence data and biomedical imagery), paying attention to technical challenges such as:

  • predictive analysis and visualization of biotech data;
  • complexity reduction and validation of data-driven models for biotechnical processes and systems; and
  • interpretability and robustness of data-driven models for biotechnical processes and systems.

The newly developed approaches have a wide variety of applications, ranging from cancer research and medical image diagnosis over drug development to plant phenotyping.

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Current research topics include:

  • stability, model reducation and parameter estimation of biochemical reaction networks;
  • ecological species interaction networks and metapopulation models;
  • validity conditions for quasi steady state approximations;
  • representation learning for biological sequences;
  • interpretability for biological sequence and biomedical image analysis;
  • deep machine learning for structural and functional genome annotation;
  • deep machine learning for 3-D object understanding;
  • 3-D phenotyping of rice plants via computer vision and machine learning;
  • uncertainty and out-of-distribution modeling for deep machine learning; and
  • adversariality in deep machine learning.

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Centre director

Shodhan Rao


Ghent University Global Campus

#935, 119-5 Songdomunhwa-ro, Yeonsu-gu

Incheon 21985

South Korea