Centre for Environmental and Energy Research



The Centre for Environmental and Energy Research (CEER) is one of the five existing research centers of the Ghent University Global Campus, Korea. The centre was established in 2015 with the aim to deliver scientific outcomes that will have a real impact on consolidation of environmental issues, themes and topics, and to do this under one umbrella to highlight their interconnectedness and interdisciplinary nature.

With focus on knowledge transfer and information dissemination, CEER targets the nano-scale development of new materials and nano-structures for the next generation of advanced functional devices and processes which enable solutions for various environmental and energy problems.

The CEER’s activity is guided by the following principles: independence, autonomy and objectivity of the scientific research in relation to political, economic and other social powers, and responsibility of the researchers regarding their work methods and the consequences of their research.


CEER aims to bring together disparate knowledge resources on three pronged approaches:

  • To carry out research and development at the international level;
  • To implement latest state-of-the-art scientific discoveries into education, teaching and training programs at GUGC;
  • To facilitate policy and program development at the local level.

As these goals are interdependent and mutually reinforcing, CEER's strategies also overlap, and have been designed for the following five areas:

  • To put in place an adequate research capacity;
  • To facilitate the undertaking of internationally-competitive strategic research;
  • To facilitate and stimulate the utilization of national and international research collaborations;
  • To enhance alliances with stakeholders of the Gent University, Belgium;
  • To enhance CEER's capacity to support decision making at GUGC.


Since 2016:

  • 17 high quality publications in the leading international scientific journals and conference proceedings.
  • Award for the best Oral presentation (Prof. Serge Zhuiykov) on the 6th International Conference on Advanced Materials Research, Torino, Italy, January 2016.
  • Award for the best Poster (Prof. Philippe M. Heynderickx) on the International Conference for Food Factors (modeling paper on transesterification reaction kinetics), Seoul, Korea.
  • Prof. Francis Verpoort was admitted as “Distinguished Fellow” by International Engineering and Technology Institute, Hong Kong.