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Ghent University Global Campus admits undergraduate students who have acquired a high school diploma or its equivalent. Transfer students follow the same application process as freshmen.

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The GUGC application procedure includes an Online Aptitude Test. The test reflects the minimum level of knowledge a freshmen needs to cope with the educational programs at GUGC. The aptitude test gives the admissions office of GUGC an idea of the academic level of applicants. The aptitude test also provides an applicant with an indication of his/her own academic level.

The Aptitude Test comprises 20 questions in English about Mathematics and Chemistry. The time limit to take the test is two hours. You can download a sample test and the list of topics covered in the test. This topic list is indicative. Even if you have not covered all these topics in your studies, you may still be able to pass the aptitude test and receive an admission offer. It is possible to take the test multiple times. With your application, you submit your best score. Each trial costs $50. There is no other application fee.

It is important to understand that if an applicant receives a sufficient score by cheating, the applicant will have difficulties in coping with the program once enrolled.

Test results
If you score higher or equal to 14/20 on the online aptitude test, your application will be accepted. After your application submission you will receive an acceptance letter within five weeks.
If you score less than 14/20 on the online aptitude test, your file will be reviewed. After your application submission you will receive your result within five weeks.


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