Master's Degree in Language Teaching

Perhaps you feel drawn to a role in education, or you wish to combine a teaching role with a job as a freelance translator or interpreter. Our teacher training will prepare you for one of the many and diverse roles available in education, such as the various branches of secondary education, adult education, or teaching Dutch as a foreign language. You will also have plenty of opportunities to take part in placements in a variety of educational contexts.

With the various skills acquired during the bachelor's and master's courses you will be optimally equipped to enter the world of contemporary language teaching, while your experience as a translator, interpreter or communications specialist will put you in the ideal position to contribute to progress and innovation in this field. The diploma in Applied Linguistics is accepted as evidence of competence in education.

The Master's Degree in Language Teaching combines a Master's in Translation, Interpreting or Multilingual Communication with course elements on general and subject-specific didactics. On completion of their bachelor's, students of Applied Linguistics with a specific interest in a career teaching Dutch may opt to drop one of their two chosen foreign languages, so as to include more extensive coverage of Dutch during the Master's Degree in Language Teaching, an option not available elsewhere in the Flanders Region. You can also choose to initially take a discipline-oriented master’s course, followed by an abbreviated Master's Degree in Language Teaching. A preparatory package of teaching-related topics can also be included in the bachelor's programme, opening up more options in the subsequent Master's Degree in Language Teaching.

The course is taught in the Dutch language.

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