MSsmall Expertise Centre has a broad expertise in mass spectrometry analysis of small organic molecules on a variety of biofluids, tissue extracts from plant and animal sources, extracts from microbial cultures, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, environmental matrices, etc. By identifying particular molecules present in these samples and determining their amounts, we can provide an insight into the underlying environmental/biological process involved in their production and occurrence.


Our expertise and areas of collaboration include a wide range of small molecule applications such as:

  • Plant secondary metabolite profiling
  • Pharmacokinetic, bioavailability and safety studies of drugs
  • Oxidative stability studies of food components
  • Mycotoxin analysis, Fungal secondary metabolite profiling
  • Quality control and analytics of medicines
  • Analysis of emerging organic micro-pollutants in the (aquatic) environment
  • Targeted and non-targeted analysis of organic solutes in complex matrices
  • Pesticide residue analysis in crop and foodstuff and environmental samples
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring, toxicology, clinical analysis and plant biofortification
  • Analysis of endogenous and xenobiotic (drug) substances in biological matrices (serum, urine, (tumor) tissue)
  • Detection of doping substances and their metabolites in biological fluids
  • Analysis of volatile organic compounds with biological effects
  • Metabolomics and lipidomics studies (e.g. treated versus untreated)
  • Bioanalysis of therapeutic and recreational drugs and metabolites in blood, plasma, urine, oral fluids, hair, exhaled breath
  • Profiling and identification of impurities and degradants

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