Collaboration with NaMiFab

We can help you with:

  • The independent use of the cleanroom and equipment, after training.
  • The use of equipment, operated by experienced cleanroom staff.
  • The fabrication of complete devices (e.g. prototyping for a feasibility study)

Please don't hesitate to call or mail us, so we can answer your questions!

File a request

Download and fill out the NaMiFab request form (Word, 75kB, 2p.). Please fill out this form in a clear and concise way. After completion send it to .

Feedback from NaMiFab

We will contact you to explain what we can do and we will request more input if needed.

Execution of the work

Once we both agree on how we will tackle the request we can start with the actual work. This will happen in close collaboration, so we are sure we can help you as good as possible.

What's the cost? 

The aim of NaMiFab is to share the operating costs of the facility amongst its users. Therefore the user will be asked to pay for the actual costs involved.

Is it only for UGent? 

No, the same services are available to externals, but under other conditions. Please ask NaMiFab to offer you some advice or practical solutions for your applications.