Dissertations in preparation

Prof. dr. Jan De Neve

  • Elissa Burghgraeve

Nonparametric and semiparametric methods for modelling latent variables

Co-promotor: Yves Rosseel

  • Heidelinde Dehaene

Semiparametric rank-based methods for the analysis of behavioral data

Co-promotor: Yves Rosseel

 Prof. dr. Tom Loeys

  • Fien Gistelinck (BOF)

Statistical challenges in modeling longitudinal dyadic data

  • Justine Loncke (FWO) 

Statistical challenges with applications of the Social Relations Model

Co-promotor: Ann Buysse (PP05)

  • Lara Stas

The Social Relations Model: Extending the statistical toolbox for family researchers

 Prof. dr. ir. Thierry Marchant

  • Tim Bal

Pooling methods as a general framework for probability aggregation in psychological and educational sciences

 Prof. dr. Daniele Marinazzo

  • Hannelore Aerts (BOF)

The potential of structural and functional connectome graph analysis as clinical and cognitive markers in patients with brain tumors

  • Hannes Almgren (BOF)

The secrets of cognitive aging: Investigating neural information flows underlying cognitive performance in elderly

  • Iege Bassez (FWO)

Investigating collective brain dynamics underlying stimulus processing in migraine 

  • Nigel Colenbier (FWO)

Identification of single subject cognitive networks: From morphology to dynamical computations

  • Sofie Van Den Bossche (FWO)

Are spontaneous intrinsic activity and information flow in the brain body-specific? A methodological fMRI project looking for the signature of handedness in the resting brain and its implications for language processing and motor tasks

  • Yulin Wang (UGent/VUB)

The interplay between emotion processing and sleep

Co-promotor: Marie Vandekerkhove (VUB)

  • Katharina Wegner

Modulations of intrinsic and extrinsic connectivity in cognitive control

 Prof. dr. Beatrijs Moerkerke

  • Freya Acar (FWO)

From peak to meta-analysis map: integrating knowledge across neuroimaging studies

Co-promotor: Ruth Seurinck

  • Han Bossier

Meta-analysis of fMRI data: Accuracy and robustness in integrating effect sizes

  • Jasper Degryse

Beyond the p-value: Improving the balance between sensitivity and specificity for functional localization in fMRI data

Prof. dr. Yves Rosseel

  • Ines Devlieger

Embedding item response theory in structural equation models