abstract Steve Majerus

Steve Majerus (Department of Psychology - Cognition and Behavior, University of Liège, Belgium)

A-O-STM: A tri-dimensional framework for short-term memory/ working memory research

The field of short-term memory (STM) research is currently characterized by the co-existence of many theoretical models focusing each on different aspects of STM. This has made STM a highly dynamic and rich research field, but at the same time, has also led us into a certain state of theoretical confusion. We argue that an integrative framework, connecting the various and sometimes contrasting theoretical positions that currently co-exist, is strongly needed. We present here the interactive A-O-STM framework, which connects three different types of STM models: (1) STM as temporary activation of long- term memory, (2) STM as attentional capacity, (3) STM as a serial order processing device. We will show how the A-O-STM framework, using a simple interactive architecture, can account for the simultaneous impact of long-term memory and attentional processes on STM, as well as for the specificity of serial order representation and maintenance processes. We will discuss behavioral, neuropsychological and neuroimaging data supporting this three-dimensional organization of STM.