abstract Christoph Michel

Christoph Michel (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Mapping large scale neuronal networks in real time

This presentation will discuss recent approaches to study large-scale distributed brain networks. It will focus on the so-called “Resting State networks” that have mainly been described in fMRI studies, and will show that these resting state networks are highly correlated with the functional microstates defined on the basis of multichannel EEG. In contrast to fMRI resting states that fluctuate with ultra-slow frequencies (< 0.1 Hz), EEG microstates show a temporal dynamic in the sub-second range, which is much more compatible with the rapid changes of the momentary cognitive thoughts. The temporal structure of the EEG microstate is scale-invariant and shows non-random long-range (fractal) correlations. Changes of consciousness and different diseases alter the temporal structure of the microstate.