Invited speakers 2006-2010


Colin J. Davis (University of Bristol, UK) "How do readers recognise words?" Friday, January 20

Edward M. Hubbard (INSERM Neuroimagerie Cognitive, France) "Individual differences among grapheme-color synaesthetes: Psychophysical and neuroimaging investigations." Monday, February 6

Aliette Lochy (FC Donders Institute, the Netherlands) "Semantic uses of numbers: impact of training on cortical representations." Monday, February 13

Martin Pickering (University of Edinburgh, Scotland) "Why is it hard to begin a book?" Tuesday, February 28

First Beer-Sheva - Ghent meeting on numerical cognition with Avishai Henik, Roi Cohen Kadosh (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) and Chantal Roggeman, Jean-Philippe Van Dijck, Wim Gevers, Wim Notebaert, Jolien De Brauwer, Tom Verguts (Ghent University). Friday, March 17

Janet G. van Hell (Behavioural Science Institute, Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands) "Cross-language activation in second language learners and proficient bilinguals." Thursday, March 23

Edward Gibson (MIT, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, USA) "Sentence processing: Interactions between top-down and bottom-up information." Friday, April 7

Andreas Nieder (Primate NeuroCognition Laboratory, Dept. of Cognitive Neurology, University of Tuebingen, Germany) "Neural correlates of numerical cognition in the cortex of non-human primates." Monday, April 24

Klaus Oberauer (University of Bristol, UK) "What is working memory capacity? The binding hypothesis." Friday, April 28

Eva Kemps (School of Psychology, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia) "Chocolate, pizza and ice cream: An experimental cognitive approach to understanding and reducing food cravings." Monday, May 29

Nathan Weber (School of Psychology, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia) "Monitoring and Control Processes in Eyewitness Memory." Friday, June 2

Joachim Hoffmann (Department of Psychology, University Würzburg, Germany) "Merits and limits of the ideomotor-principle" Monday, October 16

Peter Wühr (Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen, Nuremberg, Germany) "Sequential modulation of congruency effects: Old and new issues" Friday, November 17

Robert H. Logie (Human Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Edinburgh, UK) "Testing the world's working memory" Monday, November 20

Monique Lamers (Department of Linguistics, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, the Netherlands) "The influence of animacy and verb type on word order in perception and production" Friday, December 1

John Henderson (School of Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences, University of Edinburgh, UK) "Direct and indirect control of fixation durations during scene perception" Thursday, December 14

Fernanda Ferreira (School of Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences, University of Edinburgh, UK) "Reanalyzing grammatical and ungrammatical sentences: evidence from eye movements and MEG" Friday, December 15

Marc Brysbaert (Royal Holloway University, UK) "Hersenlateralisatie en visuele woordherkenning: evidentie op basis van fMRI en Doppler sonografie" Wednesday, December 20


Antje Meyer (Behavioural Brain Sciences, The School of Psychology, University of Birmingham, UK) "Eye movement control during speaking" Friday, January 12

John-Dylan Haynes (Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Germany) "Decoding conscious and unconscious mental states from brain activity in humans" Monday, March 5

Ingrid Christoffels (Universiteit Leiden, the Netherlands) "Bilingual language control: An event-related brain potential study on language switching" Monday, March 12

Gudrun Nys (UGent, Laboratorium voor neuropsychologie) "Prism adaptation as a treatment for hemispatial neglect; a systematic overview" Monday, April 30

Andrea Kiesel (Institut für Psychologie III, Würzburg University, Germany) "Mechanisms of subliminal priming" Friday, October 26

Sanne de Wit (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom) "Resolution of conflict between instrumental actions -- associative and neural mechanisms" Monday, November 5

François-Xavier Alario (Université de Provence, Marseille, France) "Cross-linguistic investigation of determiner production" Monday, December 3

Chris Olivers (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands) "A Booster/Bouncer theory of temporal attention" Thursday, December 6


Clelia Rossi (Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy) "The involvement of working memory components in mental addition: how important are solution strategies?" Friday, February 1

Ram Frost (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel) "Reading in Hebrew vs. reading in English: is there a qualitative difference?" Friday, February 8

Jan De Houwer (Universiteit Gent) "Can negated relations be activated automatically?" Friday, February 22

Debra Jared (University of Western Ontario, London, Canada) "Word recognition processes in bilingual readers"  Friday, February 29

Raffaella Rumiati (SISSA, the International School for Advanced Studies, Trieste, Italy) "Beyond imitation: The role of emotions in guiding actions" Wednesday, April 9

Markus Ullsperger (Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany) "Adaptive and maladaptive changes in brain activity related to errors" Friday, April 18

Marco Steinhauser (Universität Konstanz, Germany) "On the role of error processing in task switching" Wednesday, April 30

Joachim Vandekerckhove (KULeuven) "Hierarchical diffusion models for two-choice response times." Thursday, May 22

Paul Bays (Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London, U.K.). "Visual memory, priority, and eye movements: evidence from normal subjects and patients with spatial neglect." Friday, October 3

Gordon Logan (Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA). "Plans and the encapsulation of skills" Tuesday, October 21

Neuroscience and Cognitive control M. Botvinick (Princeton University, USA),  J. Duncan (University of Cambridge, UK), G. Humphreys (University of Birmingham, UK), E. Procyk (Inserm, Lyon, France), R. Ridderinkhof (Universiteit van Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and M. Rushworth (University of Oxford, UK) December 4-5

Patrick Haggard (Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London, U.K.) "Voluntary actions: brain processes underlying the experiences of intention and agency" Thursday, November 6

Marthe Straatemeier (Universiteit van Amsterdam, Nederland). "Using a computer-adaptive high frequency progress-monitoring system (Math garden) to study single-digit multiplication problems" Thursday, December 18


Mara Breen (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA.). "Experimental investigations of the acoustics of information structure" Thursday, January 8

Evelyn Eger (Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London, U.K.) "Disentangling fine-scale brain codes by fmri pattern recognition - examples from ventral and dorsal visual streams" Friday, January 16

Paul Taylor (Birkbeck College, London, U.K.) "Cortical interactions controlling perception and action: TMS-EEG evidence" Friday, March 6

Fabrice Parmentier (University of Plymouth) "The role of spatial transitions in visuo-spatial serial memory" Friday, March 27

Chris McManus (University College London, U.K.) "The history and geography of human right- and left-handedness" Friday, April 24

Mante Nieuwland (Department of Psychology, Tufts University and Martinos Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA) "Trivially true: pragmatic aspects of online sentence comprehension" Thursday, May 7

Andrea Martin (Department of Psychology, New York University, USA) "Memory structures and mechanisms for language comprehension" Friday, May 8

Niels Schiller (Leiden University, The Netherlands) "Language production in mono- and bilingual speakers" Monday, June 22

Patricia Montañes(Department of psychology, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, Colombia) and Diana Matallana (Department of Physiological Sciences, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia) "Clinical and research studies in a Colombian memory clinic " Tuesday, July 14

Ramesh Mishra(Center of Behavioural and Cognitive Science, Allahabad, India) "Does literacy level affect language mediated eye movements ?" Wednesday, July 15

Peter Hagoort (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics & Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands) "The neural infrastructure for the retrieval and unification of syntactic structure in sentence comprehension" Wednesday, September 16

Minna Hannula (University of Turku, Finland) "Brain imaging of spontaneous focusing on numerosity." Thursday, October 22

Peter de Jong and Eva Marinus (Universiteit van Amsterdam, the Netherlands) "From phonological recoding to sight word reading." Friday, October 30

Michael Andres (Université catholique de Louvain) "A common ground for hand movements, action understanding and arithmetic abilities ?" Thursday, November 26

Martin Voss (Charité, Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany) "The Sense of Agency: Prediction and reconstruction of sensorimotor events" Monday, November 30

Evelina Fedorenko (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A.) "Functional localization in the domain of language: A new take on the questions of functional specificity" Tuesday, December 1

Ted Gibson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A.) "Quantitative investigations of syntactic representations and processing"  Tuesday, December 1

Katrien Mondt (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) "Research on some aspects of development in multilingual children: Overview and opportunities" Monday, December 7


Louis Nahum (Cognitive Neurorehabilitation Laboratory, Division of NeuroRehabilitation Geneva University Hospitals & Laboratory for the study of Emotion Elicitation and Expression, University of Geneva, Switzerland) "Spatial microstate analysis of ERPs and application to the study of anticipation and outcome processing" Thursday, February 4

Ruthger Righart (Laboratory for Social and Neural System Research University of Zürich, Switzerland) "Top-Down Processes in Face Perception" Thursday, February 18

Jonathan Grainger (Laboratoire de Psychologie Cognitive, Université d'Aix-Marseille, France) "A Dual-Route Theory of Orthographic Processing" Thursday, February 25

Kristin Lemhofer (Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen, the Netherlands) "How different are first and second language speakers?" Friday, March 12

Nick Yeung (Dept of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford, U.K.) "Conflict, competition and cognitive control" Tuesday, May 11

Kate Arrington (Dept of Psychology, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.) "Task selection and task preparation in voluntary task switching" Wednesday, May 19

Peter Marien (Faculty of Arts, Languages and literature, VUB, Belgium) "Cerebellar Neurocognition: a New Avenue in Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience at the Bottom of the Brain" Tuesday, June 1

Durk Talsma (Department of Cognitive Psychology and Ergonomics, University of Twente, the Netherlands) "The multifaceted interplay between attention and multisensory integration" Thursday, June 3

Franklin Chang (University of Liverpool, U.K.) "The role of biological constraints on syntactic adaptation in language production" Thursday, October 14

Roelien Bastiaanse (Centre for Language and Cognition, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, the Netherlands)
"Time reference through grammatical morphology in agrammatic aphasia" Wednesday, October 20