Invited speakers 2016

Joanne van Slooten (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands) "Through the eyes, fast and slow: Behaviourally relevant pupil responses on separate timescales" (abstract) CCN meeting, Monday January 25 2016

Tomas Knapen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands) "Fitting event-related response shapes in fMRI and pupil recordings" (abstract) CCN meeting, Monday January 25 2016

Andreas Lind (Lund University, Sweden) "Real-time Speech Exchange" (abstract) CCN meeting, Thursday January 28 2016

Cyril Pernet (University of Edinburgh, UK) "Making fMRI for brain tumours a routine clinical tool: issues and applications" (abstract) CCN meeting, Thursday April 28 2016

Clay Holroyd (University of Victoria, Canada) "Toward a unified model of anterior cingulate cortex function" (abstract) CCN meeting, Thursday May 19 2016

Danilo Bzdok (Aachen University, Germany and INRIA/Neurospin, Paris, FR) "Data-led approaches to the default mode of human brain function" (abstract) CCN meeting, Monday June 6 2016

Jan Hulstijn (Universiteit van Amsterdam, the Netherlands) "Basic Language Cognition: The syntax of Dutch native speakers’ spontaneous speech as a function of level of education and profession" (abstract) Thursday June 9 2016

Xenia Schmaiz (Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy) "Establishing invariance in psycholinguistics: The case of the letter bigram frequency effect" (abstract) CCN meeting, Thursday June 16 2016

Paula Croxson (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY, USA) "Multimodal imaging of changes to memory systems in the non-human primate brain" (abstract) CCN meeting, Thursday June 23 2016

Edwin Dalmaijer (University of Oxford, UK) "Is encoding into visual working memory a serial process?" (abstract) CCN meeting, Monday July 4 2016

Christoph Weidemann (Swansea University and the University of Pennsylvania, USA) "The dynamics of recognition memory: Insights from response times and brain activity" (abstract) CCN meeting, Thursday August 25 2016

Hadas Okon-Singer (University of Haifa, Israel) "Factors modulating emotional reactions: attention, personality and neural architecture" (abstract) CCN meeting, Thursday September 8 2016

Jan-Niklas Antons (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany) "From physiological speech quality assessment to adaptive games" (abstract) CCN meeting, Thursday September 15 2016

Frederick Verbruggen (University of Exeter, Exeter (UK)) "Executive control of (impulsive) action" (abstract) CCN meeting, Tuesday October 4 2016

Stuart Washington (Georgetown University, USA and University of Antwerp, Belgium) "Lessons on Hemispheric Specialization for Speech and Music as Learned from Bats" (abstract) CCN meeting, Thursday October 6 2016

Sieb G. Nooteboom and Hugo Quené (Utrecht University, Utrecht, NL) "Self-monitoring for speech errors: Two-stage detection and repair with and without auditory feedback" (abstract) CCN meeting, Wednesday October 19 2016

Dimitrios Kourtis (Central European University, Budapest, Hungary) "Action representation at the level of they dyad during joint action planning: Evidence from EEG studies" (abstract) CCN meeting, Thursday November 24 2016