In preparation

  • Onur Asci
    Interactions between motivation, emotional valence and inherent response tendencies.
  • Xuemei Chen
    Structure prediction across languages: A visual-world study.
  • Giulia Cristoforetti
    Spatial coding of serial position in working memory and episodic memory.
  • Charlotte Eben
    What is the role of negative emotions in the origin and control of impulsive actions?
  • Kate Ergo
    Reward and reward prediction in declarative memory: An electrophysiological approach.
  • Pieter Huycke
    Synchronization and coupling in declarative and procedural memory tasks.
  • Lien Naert
    An investigation into the role of the ventral attention network as modulator of spatial attention using behavioral and neuroimaging methods.
  • Elisabeth Roels
    "Columbus": Developing an instrument for study orientation in Flemish higher education.
  • Mieke Slim
    Cross-linguistic priming in comprehension of the ‘Logical Form’.
  • Luc Vermeylen
    Thinking hurts. On the affective signatures of cognitive control.