Homophones and control words

The complete set of homophones and control words from "Knowledge of a second language influences auditory word recognition in the native language" can be downloaded here.

L2 homophones -Dutch speaker L2 control words -Dutch speaker L2 homophones -English speaker L2 control words -English speaker L1 homophones -Dutch speaker L1 control words -Dutch speaker L1 homophones -English speaker L1 control words -English speaker

bay hug bay hug bij vol bij vol
beat nose beat nose biet kras biet kras
bill skin bill skin bil lap bil lap
bone lion bone lion boon kooi boon kooi
boss rush boss rush bos hek bos hek
brief nerve brief nerve brief roman brief roman
bull page bull page boel boer boel boer
cook fast cook fast koek zeef koek zeef
cow bag cow bag kou lui kou lui
crate mouse crate mouse krijt lepel krijt lepel
day boy day boy dij mus dij mus
doll moon doll moon dol kam dol kam
fate pope fate pope feit trap feit trap
hay bug hay bug hei das hei das
heal duck heal duck hiel kous hiel kous
hook farm hook farm hoek rook hoek rook
knock chief knock chief nok pit nok pit
lake soft lake soft lijk kast lijk kast
lane king lane king lijn maag lijn maag
lead risk lead risk lied lift lied lift
leaf wine leaf wine lief buik lief buik
lease scarf lease scarf lies saai lies saai
list wing list wing list slak list slak
loop fist loop fist loep zoen loep zoen
mail fork mail fork mijl vork mijl vork
mess safe mess safe mes aap mes aap
mood silk mood silk moed zout moed zout
pale twin pale twin pijl wolk pijl wolk
pet fox pet fox pet put pet put
plane towel plane towel plein plooi plein plooi
praise poison praise poison prijs straf prijs straf
pray claw pray claw prei wilg prei wilg
proof widow proof widow proef draad proef draad
quick chair quick chair kwik klad kwik klad
raise elbow raise elbow reis dame reis dame
ray jar ray jar rij jas rij jas
room wife room wife roem mand roem mand
slim deaf slim deaf slim spin slim spin
stream pillow stream pillow striem fazant striem fazant
tail meat tail meat teil deeg teil deeg
thigh devil thigh devil taai tang taai tang
track taste track taste trek muur trek muur
vet spy vet spy vet kip vet kip
way old way old way old way old