Clara De Ruysscher

Clara De Ruysscher
Clara De Ruysscher
In 2013, I graduated as a Master in Special Needs Education at Ghent University. After that, I worked for two years as a researcher for E-QUAL, a center of expertise regarding Quality of Life within the faculty of Health, Education and Social Work of University College Ghent. As a member of E-QUAL I worked on a project about social entrepreneurship, a research project concerning Quality of Life in persons with Anorexia Nervosa and a project about emotional development in people with an intellectual disability. At the moment I started a PhD, in which I am focusing on phenomenological research about recovery in persons with dual diagnosis.

Selected publications

De Ruysscher, C., Annicq, P., Vandevelde, S., & Claes, C. (2015). The perception of persons with Anorexia Nervosa about Quality of Life: An initial investigation. Applied research in Quality of Life, 1-18.

De Ruysscher, C., Annicq, P., Vandevelde, S., & Claes, C. (2015). Anorexia Nervosa: een integratief behandelmodel. Tijdschrift voor Psychotherapie, 41(2), 87-100.

Vandevelde, S., De Maeyer, J., De Ruysscher, C., Bryssinck, D., Vanderstraeten, J., & Broekaert, E. (2015). Villa Voortman: carte blanche or not? Therapeutic Communities, 36(2), 62-73.


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