Clara De Ruysscher

Clara De Ruysscher

Clara De Ruysscher is a post-doctoral researcher and a member of the research group on addiction and recovery. Her expertise can be situated at the crossroads of mental health care and addiction, as a large part of her research specifically focuses on persons with complex mental health needs, i.e. the comorbidity of substance use disorders and serious mental health problems. In her PhD research (2016-2019), she unraveled what it means for persons with complex mental health needs to be in recovery and how their recovery trajectories can best be supported in today’s mental health care. By using action-oriented, ethnographic and co-creative research methods, her research provides her with a unique insider perspective into the everyday realities of persons with complex mental health needs.

In terms of education, Clara fulfills an active role in several courses (e.g. Klinische Orthopedagogiek, Orthopedagogische Synthese, Middelenmisbruik, Ethiek en Deontologie van het Pedagogisch Handelen). Additionally, she mentors students in writing their Master dissertations and during their internships.


Selected publications

De Ruysscher, C., Vandevelde, S., Tomlinson, P., & Vanheule, S. (2020). A qualitative exploration of service users’ and staff members’ perspectives on the roles of inpatient settings in mental health recovery. International Journal of Mental Health Systems, 14(1), 1-13.

Tomlinson, P., & De Ruysscher, C. (2019). From monologue to dialogue in mental health care research: Reflections on a collaborative research process. Disability & Society, 1-16.

De Ruysscher, C., Tomlinson, P., Vanheule, S., & Vandevelde, S. (2019). Questioning the professionalization of recovery: A collaborative exploration of a recovery process. Disability & Society, 34(5),797-818.

De Ruysscher, C., Vanheule, S., & Vandevelde, S. (2017). ‘A place to be (me)’: A qualitative study on an alternative approach to treatment for persons with dual diagnosis. Drugs: Education, Prevention & Policy, 26(1), 50-59.

De Ruysscher, C., Vandevelde, S., Vanderplasschen, W., De Maeyer, J., Vanheule, S. (2017). The concept of recovery as experienced by persons with dual diagnosis: A systematic review. Journal of Dual Diagnosis, 13(4), 264-279.



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