Claudia Claes

Claudia Claes
Claudia Claes

I am affiliated as a visiting professor at the Department of Special Education (“Orthopedagogics”) since February 2014. I graduated in 2011 on the topic “Inclusive Embedment of Person Centred Support; a Study of Critical Success Factors.  I work as a lecturer and researcher at the University College Ghent and E-QUAL, a centre of expertise on Quality of Life. I am dean of the Faculty of Education, Health and Social Welfare Studies of the University College Ghent. Since 2015-2016 I am the responsible teacher for the Master course Orthopedagogical Coaching and Consultancy. I am also teaching in other courses that the department of special education is responsible for. I am passionated by quality of life research, and I try to implement it in daily life.

Selected publications

Simoes, C.,  Santos, S.,  & Claes, C. (2015). Quality of life in intellectual disabilities: assessment between Escala Pessoal de Resultados and World Health Quality of Life-BREF. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 37, 171-181.

Decramer, A., Audenaert, M., Van Waeyenberg, T., Claeys, T., Claes, C., Vandevelde, S., van Loon, J., Crucke, S. (2015). Does performance management affect nurses well-being?. Evaluation and Program Planning, 49, 98-105.

Claes, C., van Loon, L., Vandevelde, S. & Schalock, R.L. (2015) An Integrative Approach to Evidence Based Practices. Evaluation and Program Planning, 48, 132-136.

van loon, J., Bonham, G., Peterson, D., Schalock, R.L., Claes, C., & Decramer, A. (2013). The Use of Evidence-Based Outcomes in Systems and Organizations Providing Services and Supports to Persons with Intellectual Disabilities. Evaluation and Program Planning, 36(1), 80-88


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