Emmely Delamillieure

Emmely Delamilleure

Emmely Delamillieure graduated in 2019 as Master of Educational Sciences (Special Needs Education) at Ghent University. In her master’s thesis she focused on the relation between quality of life, coping skills, mental health problems and antisocial behavior among youth who committed crimes. A year later she obtained a Master of Teaching in Behavioral Sciences, also at Ghent University. After graduation, Emmely worked as a high school teacher.

Since February 2021, Emmely is a doctoral fellow on the FWO Junior research project of Prof. dr. Olivier F. Colins. This research aims to find more homogeneous subgroups of 16- to 17-year old girls with antisocial behavior and to test whether these groups differ from each other in clinically and theoretically relevant ways. For her PhD, Emmely focusses on treatment engagement in relation to personality, impulsivity and emotion processing.