Femke Bannink

Dr Femke Bannink Mbazzi is a clinical and educational psychologist, and cultural anthropologist with 20 years of research and clinical work experience in disability inclusion in Uganda. She is passionate about developing evidence based culturally appropriate health and education interventions with young persons with disabilities, their families and communities. Her PhD (Ghent University, 2016) focused on the social inclusion of children with spina bifida in Uganda.Dr Femke moved to Uganda in 2003 and has worked in disability inclusion projects in northern Uganda during and after the conflict, has taught at Makerere University, specialized as a clinician in educational and neuropsychological assessments, and supervised Masters and PhD students from various European and African universities. She is currently an FWO postdoc fellow at Ghent University, seconded as Assistant Professor to the MRC/UVRI & LSHTM Uganda Research Unit in Entebbe, Uganda.Dr Femke is the Principal Investigator of the ‘Obuntu bulamu’ randomized control trial, which aims to improve inclusive eduuation through a peer to peer support intervention. Dr Femke is also a Co-Investigator on ‘The impact of COVID related measures on vulnerable populations’ study with Prof.dr. Janet Seeley, the ‘Young Africa Works: Disability Inclusive Research’ study with Prof.dr. Tom Shakespeare and Dr Sarah Polack, and the ‘Improve access to health care for persons with disabilities in Uganda ’ study with Prof.dr. Hannah Kuper

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