Geert Van Hove

Selected publications

Geert Van Hove, Griet Roets, Kathleen Mortier, Elisabeth De Schauwer, Mieke Leroy, Eric Broekaert (2008). Research in Inclusive Education as a Possible Opening to Disability Studies in Education, 121-140, in: Susan L. Gabel & Scot Danforth .Disability & the Politics of Education. An International Reader.New York: Peter Lang.

Geert Van Hove, Elisabeth De Schauwer, Kathleen Mortier, Sigrid Bosteels, Greetje Desnerck and Jos Van Loon. (2009) Working with mothers and fathers of children with disabilities: metaphors used by parents in a continuing dialogue. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal, vol.17, 2, 187-201.

Geert Van Hove, Susan Gabel, Elisabeth De Schauwer, ,Kathleen Mortier Jos van Loon, Gerrit Loots, Patrick Devlieger, Griet Roets and Lien Claes (2012)Resistance and resilience in a life full of professionals and labels: narrative snapshots of Chris. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 50(5). p.426-435

Geert Van Hove, Elisabeth De Schauwer, Kathleen Mortier, Lien Claes, Katrien De Munck , Meggie Verstichele, Caroline Vandekinderen, Karen Leyman and Leen Thienpondt (2012) Supporting graduate students toward a 'pedagogy of hope': resisting and redefining traditional notions of disability

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