Geert Van Hove

Geert Van Hove
Geert Van Hove
Selected publications

Geert Van Hove, Griet Roets, Kathleen Mortier, Elisabeth De Schauwer, Mieke Leroy, Eric Broekaert (2008). Research in Inclusive Education as a Possible Opening to Disability Studies in Education, 121-140, in: Susan L. Gabel & Scot Danforth .Disability & the Politics of Education. An International Reader.New York: Peter Lang.

Geert Van Hove, Elisabeth De Schauwer, Kathleen Mortier, Sigrid Bosteels, Greetje Desnerck and Jos Van Loon. (2009) Working with mothers and fathers of children with disabilities: metaphors used by parents in a continuing dialogue. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal, vol.17, 2, 187-201.

Geert Van Hove, Susan Gabel, Elisabeth De Schauwer, ,Kathleen Mortier Jos van Loon, Gerrit Loots, Patrick Devlieger, Griet Roets and Lien Claes (2012)Resistance and resilience in a life full of professionals and labels: narrative snapshots of Chris. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 50(5). p.426-435

Geert Van Hove, Elisabeth De Schauwer, Kathleen Mortier, Lien Claes, Katrien De Munck , Meggie Verstichele, Caroline Vandekinderen, Karen Leyman and Leen Thienpondt (2012) Supporting graduate students toward a 'pedagogy of hope': resisting and redefining traditional notions of disability

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