Lana De Clercq

Lana De Clercq obtained her Master's degree in Educational Sciences, Special Needs Education at Ghent University in 2015. She finished her studies with a master's thesis on the genotype-fenotype relationship in children with an autism spectrum disorder. After graduating, she worked as a personal assistant and team coordinator in the Center for Ambulatory Rehabilitation Sint-Lievenspoort with children with an auditory impairment. In 2016, she started as a research assistant at the department of special needs education on several research projects concerning substance abuse and forensic care: gender-sensitive treatment and prevention for alcohol and drug users (GEN-STAR), process and outcome study of prison-based registration points (PROSPER study) and research on the implementation and integration of the forensic rehabilitation models 'What Works' and the 'Good Lives Model' in the Community.

In February 2017 she started as a PhD student with Prof. Sarah De Pauw as promotor. From a transactional vision on development, her research focuses on the interaction effects of child and context factors on the psychosocial development of children with neurological development problems (NDD), more specifically children with autism spectrum disorder, down syndrome and cerebral palsy. The research aims to better understand the behavioral variation in children with NDD and to identify both transdiagnostic risk and protection factors as specific sensitivities.


Selected publications

De Clercq, L., Vandevelde, S., Vander Laenen, F., & Vanderplasschen, W. (2016). Process and outcome study of prisonbased registration points. Deel III: Conclusies en aanbevelingen. Belspo – Federal Research Program on Drugs Website:

Vander Laenen, F., De Clercq, L., Vanderplasschen, W., & Vandevelde, S. (2017). Centrale aanmeldingspunten drugs in gevangenissen revisited: verbreding naar alle geestelijke gezondheidsproblemen!?. Fatik154, 17-23.



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