Lana Van Den Berghe

Lana Van Den BergheA couple of years ago, Lana graduated as a teacher Secondary Education (cf. High School) (natural sciences/art) after which she decided to continue her studies. She gained a master's degree in Special Needs Education through a transition program and became passionate by the profession. Her experiences are situated in Youth Assistance and more specific Time-out trajectories.

After the accomplishment of her studies, Lana started at the Department of Special Needs Education as a teaching assistant and PhD-student. The emphasis of her PhD is about ‘Early Leavers from Training and Education’ and is supervised by prof. dr. Stijn Vandevelde and prof. dr. Sarah De Pauw. The purpose of this study is to explore the process of leaving school without a degree, how school dropouts experience this process, and the good practices for support. As a teaching assistant, Lana is involved in different program components, the coaching of internships and master theses.

Traveling, hiking, biking (with her Pino Hase), gardening, yoga, and crochet are her hobbies.


A complete list of publications and contact information can be found here.