Lore Bellaert

Lore BellaertLore Bellaert obtained her Master's degree in Educational Sciences, Special Needs Education, at Ghent University in 2017; this after an internship in North-Uganda, where she worked as a humanitarian aid worker in South Sudanese refugee settlements. She finished her master’s degree with the thesis: ‘Uncertainties of humanitarian assistance for unaccompanied children: a qualitative study in the Adjumani refugee setting in Uganda’. Hereafter, Lore started a doctoral research at the Department of Special Needs Education in October 2017. She carries out a European research project, with prof. dr. Wouter Vanderplasschen (Department of Special Needs Education) and prof. dr. Freya Vander Laenen (Department of Criminology, Criminal Law and Social Law), as supervisor and co-supervisor.

The purpose of the Rec-Path study is to map pathways to recovery from problematic drug use in four regions: Flanders (Belgium), England, the Netherlands and Scotland. The focus is on individual, social and societal factors that contribute positively or negatively to recovery from drug use problems. To this end, the study combines qualitative and quantitative research methods, and examines the role of recovery policy on recovery processes by means of a policy analysis. This will result in recommendations regarding addiction recovery policy and practice.

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