Silke Daelman

Silke Daelman received the certificate of Master in Pedagogical Sciences with main subject Special Education, Disability Studies and Behavioral Disorders in 2016. During her master Silke did internships in inclusive education in Canada (Niagara Falls) and Flanders; she did her master dissertation about meanings Canadian and Flemish teachers give to ‘inclusion’.

Silke started as doctorate candidate (promoted by Prof. dr. Van Hove and Prof. dr. De Schauwer) at the department of Special Needs Education in 2017. As part of the Disability Studies research group, she works around voices of vulnerable children in pedagogical places in relation with our own roles and positions at those places where children grow up and our educated. Silke is passionate about doing creative research with small stories in connection with post-qualitative literature. From there she writes and works about relational ethics and methodology in qualitative research.

A complete list of publications and contact information can be found here.