Stijn Vandevelde

Stijn VandeveldeStijn Vandevelde is an associate professor at the Department of Special Education (“Orthopedagogics”). Previously, he was affiliated as lecturer and researcher at University College Ghent, Faculty of Education, Health and Social Work (Bachelor in Special Education) since 2005.

His research and research interests include forensic special education; the support of persons with behavior- and emotional disorders; the support of special target groups (e.g. mentally ill offenders (with an intellectual disability); persons with intellectual disabilities and co-occurring behavior problems and/or psychiatric disorders; substance abuse treatment to offenders); Quality of Life (e.g. in forensic settings); rehabilitation of offenders (e.g. underpinned by the Good Lives Model); and theoretical special education.

Stijn Vandevelde is the responsible teacher for “Clinical Special Needs Education” and “Theoretical Orthopedagogics” (3rd bachelor), “Orthopedagogics of the Emotional and Behavioural Disorders” (1st master), and “Orthopedagogical Synthesis” (2nd master). He is also teaching in other courses (e.g., Integration Seminar, 3rd bachelor).

A complete list of publications and contact information can be found here.