Tina Goethals

Tina Goethals
Tina Goethals
Tina Goethals graduated in 2009 as a Master in Special Needs Education at Ghent University. Since then she worked as a personal assistant, but also as a researcher in various contexts (Ghent University, University College Ghent, Our New Future, Flemish Government) and on several topics: inclusive higher education, self-advocacy, political participation, Quality of Life, and employment of persons with a disability. In 2017, Tina obtained the degree of Doctor in Pedagogical sciences (Ghent University) and Doctor in Sociology (University of Antwerp) with a PhD entitled "Inclusion of persons with disabilities in Flanders. A participatory research project on personal narratives, the representation of persons with disabilities in the media, and political participation of persons with intellectual disability. "

Within this doctorate, participatory research was carried out on the inclusion of persons with a disability in Flanders, starting from a human rights perspective and intersectionality.

Three research lines were central in this research:

  • A narrative research on the experiences of people with a disability on inclusion and exclusion.
  • A large-scale media analysis on the representation of people with a disability.
  • A follow-up study on the political participation of people with intellectual disabilities, in close collaboration with the Flemish self-advocacy movement ‘Our New Future’.

Tina Goethals's scientific research is currently focusing on the characteristics and prevalence of sexual harassment and sexual violence on women with disabilities. The experiences of women are central in her work. This research is carried out in association with the Department of Criminology, Criminal Law and Social Law of Ghent University


Selected publications

Goethals, T., Van Hove, G., Van Breda, L., & De Schauwer, E. (2016). Researching Together: Voice as a Guide in Research. In T. Buchner, O. Koenig, & S. Schuppener (Eds.), Inklusive Forschung. Gemeinsam mit Menschen mit Lernschwierigkeiten forschen. Bad Heilbrunn: Klinkhardt.

Goethals, T., De Schauwer, E., & Van Hove, G. (2015). Weaving Intersectionality into Disability Studies Research: Inclusion, Reflexivity and Anti-Essentialism. Journal for Diversity and Gender Studies, 2(1-2), 75-94.

Goethals, T. (2016). De performatieve en deregulerende kracht van verhalen. In G. Van Hove, A. Schippers, M. Cardol, & E. De Schauwer. Disability Studies in de Lage Landen. Antwerpen-Apeldoorn: Garant.

Goethals, T., Mortelmans, D. & Van Hove, G. (in press). Toward a More Balanced Representation of Disability? A Content Analysis of Disability Coverage in the Flemish Print Media. The Journal of Human Development, Disability and Social Change. Thematic Issue: ‘Social representations and Disability: shared perspectives on the meaning of a concept’.



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