Wouter Vanderplasschen

Wouter Vanderplasschen
Wouter Vanderplasschen
Wouter Vanderplasschen (PhD, °1974) is associate professor at the Department of Special Needs Education (Orthopedagogiek) at Ghent University (Belgium). He is a senior researcher in the field of substance abuse treatment and recovery. He was trained in special education at Ghent University and spent long-term research stays at the universities of Glasgow and Stirling (Scotland) and Sheffield Hallam University (England). His PhD-research focused on the implementation and evaluation of case management for drug abusers with multiple and complex problems. As a professor at Ghent University, he teaches following courses : ‘Ethics and deontology’, ‘Substance abuse : prevention and treatment’ and ‘Orthopedagogical assessment and treatment planning’.

Wouter Vanderplasschen has been doing research during the past 15 years concerning the accessibility, effectiveness and quality of care in substance abuse treatment and concerning recovery in general. His research interests include addiction recovery, case management, treatment methods, vulnerable groups, therapeutic communities, continuity of care and evaluation of treatment. He has supervised several studies on the role of treatment, case management and psychosocial support in addiction recovery, resulting in several journal articles, books and monographs. Recently, he has been involved in studies on drug treatment in prison settings (PROSPER), quality standards (COMIQS.BE), drug use in ethnic minority populations (PADUMI), gender-sensitive treatment (GEN-STAR) and addiction and mental health recovery. He has authored more than 70 peer-reviewed publications in international journals about addiction and recovery, including highly cited journals like Psychological Medicine, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment en European Addiction Research.

Wouter Vanderplasschen is a co-editor of the journal Drugs : Education, Prevention, Policy and is member of the review board of the Dutch journal Tijdschrift Verslaving. He acts as a reviewer for several international peer-reviewed journals. He presented his research at several national and international alcohol and drug conferences and is part of several international research and practice networks.

Selected publications

Van Damme, L., Hoeve, M., Vermeiren, R., Vanderplasschen, W. & Colins, O. (2016). Quality of Life in Relation to Future Mental Health Problems and Offending: Testing the Good Lives Model among Detained Girls.  Law and Human Behavior, 40(3), 285-294.

Michel, L., Lions, C., Van Malderen, S., Schiltz, J., Vanderplasschen, W., Holm, K. et al. (2015). Insufficient access to harm reduction measures in prisons in 5 countries (PRIDE Europe): a shared European public health concern. BMC Public Health, 15(1), 1093.

Stevens, L., Goudriaan, A.E, .Verdejo-García, A., Dom, G., Roeyers, H., & Vanderplasschen, W. (2015). Impulsive choice predicts short-term relapse in substance-dependent individuals attending an inpatient detoxification program. Psychological Medicine, 45(10), 2083-2093.

Stevens, L., Verdejo-Garcia, A., Goudriaan, A., Roeyers, H., Dom, G. & Vanderplasschen, W. (2014). Impulsivity as a vulnerability factor for poor addiction treatment outcomes: A review of neurocognitive findings among individuals with substance use disorders. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 47, 58-72.

Rapp, R.C., Vandennoortgate, W., Broekaert, E. & Vanderplasschen, W. (2014). The efficacy of case management with persons who have substance abuse problems: A three level meta-analysis of outcomes. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 82(4), 605-618.

Vanderplasschen, W., Colpaert, K., Autrique, M., Rapp, R.C., Pearce, S., Broekaert, E. & Vandevelde, S. (2013). Therapeutic communities for addictions: a review of their effectiveness from a recovery-oriented perspective. The Scientific World Journal, Article ID 427817.

De Maeyer, J., Van Nieuwenhuizen, C., Bongers, I., Broekaert, E. & Vanderplasschen, W. (2013). Profiles of quality of life in opiate-dependent individuals after starting methadone treatment: a latent class analysis. International Journal of Drug Policy, 24(4), 342-350.

Vanderplasschen, W., Rapp, R.C., Wolf, J., & Broekaert, E. (2004). The development and implementation of case management for substance use disorders in North America and Europe. Psychiatric Services, 55(8), 913-922.

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