Master's dissertation

Students may apply to the Department of Special Needs Education for the guidance of a master's dissertation in the field of disability studies, behavioral and emotional disorders, drug abuse and migration and transculturalisation.

The supervision can be absorbed by Prof. dr. Eric Broekaert Prof. dr. Geert Van Hove, Prof. dr. Wouter Vanderplasschen Prof. dr. Stijn Vandevelde, Prof. dr. Jos Van Loon, Prof. dr. Franky D'Oosterlinck, dr. Elisabeth De Schauwer and dr. Sarah De Pauw.

In addition, it is possible that assistants and researchers from the department provide guidance and supervision of the master's dissertation.

At the beginning of each academic potential thesis subjects are made known to students 1st Master of Pedagogy. More information about the process can be found writing the master's thesis in the course specifications:


For more information about the practical and administrative arrangements for the creation and submission of the dissertation please contact the department.