Mission Statement


As part of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of Ghent University, the department of Work, Organisation and Society focuses on the behaviour and the mental processes of individuals within the context of work, organisation, and more broadly the society.  

Our mission is: 

- to deliver quality education based on excellent scientific research within four domains of applied psychology: (1) work psychology, (2) personnel psychology, (3) economic & consumer psychology, and (4) organizational psychology. 

- to deliver highly employable students with broad competencies in these four applied domains and specialized in one of these domains through masters’ thesis and internship. 

- to scientifically study human behaviour and mental processes in work-related settings at the individual, team, organizational, and societal level by applying fundamental psychological theories, models, and state-of-the-art research findings. 

- to conduct scientific research from mono-, multi-, and interdisciplinary perspectives. 

- to promote work-related well-being and effectiveness of individuals, organizations, and more broadly society by developing, validating, and valorising scientifically-based instruments, methods, and interventions. 

- to contribute to a genuine dialogue with practitioners, policy makers, and societal actors through collaboration and scientific knowledge exchange in a variety of work contexts and organisations. 

- to be a trusted authority for stakeholders within the four applied domains. 

- to be an internationally-oriented department through international research and educational collaborations.