Occupational Health Psychology

Members of our research group


Teaching assistant & PhD student

Description of research group

The research group aims to contribute to (1) the improvement of the quality of contemporary work life, (2) the protection and promotion of the safety, health and well-being of workers; and (3) the enhancement of organizational performance. The research group draws upon, integrates and applies scientific knowledge, mainly derived from work and organizational psychology, health psychology, social psychology and ergonomics, with a clear focus on workers and their work setting. The research group unites different theoretical as well as methodological perspectives and its activities are often interdisciplinary.

Current research topics

  • Sensory Overload at Work

  • Mental load monitoring and technology adoption in Manufacturing industry

  • Human factors, food safety culture and food fraud in Food industry

  • Radiation safety climate, human error and non-technical skills assessment in Surgery

  • Work conditions and psycho-social well-being in Aviation industry

  • Meaningful (work) activities during COVID-19

  • Psychological underpinning of computer-mediated-communication : telepresssure during and after working hours

  • (Re)employment and inclusion of partially work disabled individuals : disability management, inclusive work climate and labour market