Admission requirements for degree students

Aside from making a well-informed choice of study, you are required to meet the admission requirements before starting the online application.

Language requirements

In brief, all bachelor programmes are taught in Dutch (with the exception of the Bachelor of Social Sciences - application at Vrije Universiteit Brussel). English is the language of instruction in a number of Master programmes. The common language in the Doctoral Schools is English.

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Basic Diploma

Admission is granted on the basis of a diploma, irrelevant of nationality. Most qualifications obtained abroad do not grant direct admission. This means that the diploma is not automatically recognised as equivalent to a Flemish diploma and that admission can be granted after an individual application procedure.

During the application procedure, we will assess the basic diploma and will check if you have acquired the same or equivalent competences as a student with a Flemish diploma with direct access. To check the admission requirements of the programme of your interest, please go to the online course catalogue.

Please check the diploma requirement applicable to you, by selecting the type of programme you want to apply for:

More information about the structure of Higher education in Flanders can be found here (Higher Education Register) or on the website Study in Flanders