National Board of Health

The tasks of the National Board of Health are undertaken by a number of divisions and centres (statistics, prevention, drug abuse,?), which deal with related areas of expertise. Attached to the Board, are the medical public health officers, who are responsible for monitoring health conditions in the respective counties. In addition, the National Board of Health employs a number of specialist advisers.

NIPH, The National Insitute of Public Health

The National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) is an independent sectorial research institute under the Danish Ministry of the Interior and Health. The research at the NIPH is based on the concept of health broadly defined. Thus, health comprises morbidity and mortality, health consequences, functionality, health related quality of life as well as the population's own perception of various aspects of their health status. The causal relations behind health and morbidity, lifestyle and health behaviour, the living conditions of the population and environmental impact are also subjects of NIPH studies.