European Organisations

EMCDDA, European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (Portugal)

The mission of the EMCDDA is to provide the Community and its Member States with objective, reliable and comparable information at European level concerning drugs and drug addiction and their consequences. The work of the agency focuses on monitoring the drugs situation and analysing the responses to this situation. The agency also plays a key role in implementing the EU joint action on new synthetic drugs as well as monitoring national and Community strategies and policies and their impact on the drug situation.


EDDRA, Exchange of Drug Demand Reduction Action

EDDRA is the result of a long-term, ongoing project to provide information on drug demand-reduction activities in the European Union. The system caters not only to the needs of practitioners, scientists, policy-makers and decision-makers involved in the planning and implementation of drug demand-reduction interventions, but is also accessible to the non-specialist user. EDDRA consists of the following components: a European-wide human network; an online database, regularly updated; and a standardised European electronic reporting system. It offers you easy access to detailed information on a broad range of drug demand-reduction interventions, ranging from drug prevention, to treatment, to harm reduction, in different settings in the EU Member States. All the programmes include an evaluation component.You have free access to the system and can consult, search and retrieve information from the database. EDDRA is developed in close cooperation with the 16 REITOX National Focal Points.


EuroHRM, European Harm Reduction Network

The main objective of the CEE HRN is to support, develop and advocate harm reduction approaches in the field of drugs, HIV, public health and social exclusion by following the principles of humanism, tolerance, partnership and respect for human rights and freedoms.