STAKES, Nationaal Onderzoekscentrum voor Welzijn & Gezondheid

STAKES, the National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health, is committed to promoting the well-being and health of people, and to securing equal access for all to high-quality and effective welfare and healthcare services. STAKES produces information and know-how in the field of welfare and health and forwards them to decision-makers and other actors in the field. As a centre of expertise overseen by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, STAKES bases its functions on research, development and information resources, also in the field of alcohol and drug related problems.


AddictionLink / Päihdelinkki

AddictionLink is for all those interested or concerned about alcohol consumption, drug abuse and/or the various other issues connected to addiction. The site is intended for experts, substance abusers, their families and friends. It also provides information for those new to Finland, concerning addiction services, the different options and rights to treatment.