BISDRO, Bremer Institut für Drogenforschung (Duitsland)

The Bremer Institut für Drogenforschung (BISDRO - Bremen Institute for Drug Research), founded in 1986, is an independent department of the Bremer Institut für Kriminalpolitik (BIK - Bremen Institute for Criminal Policy), parallel to the other independent department, the Bremer Institut für Kriminalpolitikforschung (KRIPF) (Bremen Institute for Criminal Policy Research). The BISDRO encompasses two branches: the Research-Institute and Archives for Drug Literature ARCHIDO. The main philosophy focus of BISDRO is on drug-policy, drug-culture, drug-history, drug regulation and the positive-negative ambivalent character of any legal and illegal drug. Its scientific basis rests in the social sciences - esp. sociology and politology, in the cultural sciences - esp. European ethnology and subcultural ethnography, in psychology - social-psychology and psychoanalysis -, and in law - criminal law and criminology. The institute combines theoretical, methodological and practice-oriented interests especially in an international comparative context. It is working in the field of grounded theory, teaching and training. It also functions as advisory board for an alternative accepting drug policy and pertaining institutions and associations. As an institute of the University of Bremen it is located in two adjoining faculties, the faculty of law and the faculty of social sciences.


ARCHIDO, Archief an documentatiecentrum

The Archive and Documentation Centre ARCHIDO was founded in 1987 at the University Bremen. Its responsible body consists of the social sciences Institute for Drug Research Bremen, BISDRO of the University Bremen. Next to collection and documentation, central tasks of ARCHIDO are to inform about and provide access to print and online publications in the drugs area to the professional and general public. As a professional information resource, and following ethical standards to provide balanced, objective information, ARCHIDO gives an extensive overview on all kinds of publication materials, considering and encompassing the varieties of different approaches and perspectives. The activities of ARCHIDO can be understand as a contribution to public education and information, improving availability of resources as a provider of related materials, as well as conservation of cultural values.


INDRO, Institute for the Furtherance of Qualitative Drug Research, Acceptance-Oriented Drug Work, and Rational Drug Policy

INDRO is a non-profit and non-government advocacy organisation for harm reduction and rational drug policies founded in 1990. INDRO operates a low-threshold drop-in center for drug users and patients receiving methadone and other substitution treatments for opiate addiction, runs a consumption and injecting room, conducts research projects, produces a book series and publicizes booklets and other material on drug-related issues. INDRO seeks to put into practice alternatives to irrational, harm producing drug policies (prohibition) and one-sided, abstinence-oriented addiction treatment approaches (abstinence paradigm).We believe that the core of today's drug problem is the criminalization of drug users and the prohibition of drugs, rather than either the drugs themselves or any addictive personalities.