Arud, The Association for Risk Reduction in Use of Drugs

The Association for Risk reduction in Use of Drugs (ARUD - Zurich), a private and charitable association, was founded in 1991. Arud works for people whose health has been debilitated by the consumption of drugs and who, as a result, are suffering. The main goals are to ensure the drug addicts' survival by reducing the harm to their health as far as possible and by helping them to retain their capabilities and even to extend these in individual cases. In this way, the patients? physical, mental and social integrity is to be fostered and their quality of life improved.

Website: http://www.arud.ch


SIPA, Swiss Institute for the Prevention of Alcoholism and other Addictions

The social-epidemiological research activities of SIPA are mainly focused on the use of psychoactive substances: description of multiple patterns of (ab)use, trend analysis and the social reaction on drug users. SIPA also examines addictive behaviour, effectivity of prevention measures and evaluation of different treatments.