PIXLES: Privacy, Information Exchange, Law Enforcement and Surveillance

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PIXLES is a flexible, decentralised platform for Ghent University researchers, external practitioners and research experts with a focus on current, societal dilemma’s and developments in the context of privacy, information exchange, law enforcement & surveillance.

This hub of knowledge is set up to foster knowledge pooling, expert dialogue, research projects, the valorization, social visibility and impact of research results, and the organization of a privacy conference held every (2) year.

PIXLES unites experts like

  • Prof. dr Gert Vermeulen (director IRCP, member Belgian Data Protection Authority)
  • Willem Debeuckelaere (formar chairman Belgian Data Protection Authority)
  • Frank Schuermans (member-counsel of the Belgian Supervisory Body of Police Information and Attorney-general at the Court of Appeal Ghent)
  • Prof. dr Eva Lievens (Department of Interdisciplinary Study of Law, Private Law and Business Law)
  • Prof. dr Wim Hardyns (member IRCP)
  • Professors of the new Metamedica Centrum and other Ghent University researchers from different disciplines.