Ingrida Milkaite

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Dr. Ingrida Milkaite is a postdoctoral researcher at the Law & Technology research group, the faculty of Law and Criminology, Ghent University. Her research interests cover human rights law, privacy, data protection, contemporary developments in the field of law and technology, and children’s rights issues arising in the digital environment. Ingrida is affiliated with the department of Interdisciplinary Study of Law, Private Law and Business Law.

She is a member of the Human Rights Centre at the Faculty of Law and Criminology at Ghent University, PIXLES (Privacy, Information Exchange, Law Enforcement and Surveillance) and the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA).

Her current work focuses on the postdoctoral research project “Children’s voice recognition in domestic and educational settings: a children’s right-oriented approach to data protection” which is funded by the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO).

Ingrida obtained her PhD in May 2021 after she successfully defended her doctoral thesis “A children’s rights perspective on privacy and data protection in the digital age: a critical and forward-looking analysis of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and its implementation with respect to children and youth”. This project monitored the implementation of the GDPR in relation to children(‘s rights) from 2017 until 2021. The project was funded by the Special Research Fund at Ghent University and supervised by professor Eva Lievens.

In January 2019, Ingrida Milkaite and Eva Lievens were awarded the first edition of the Stefano Rodotà award for their work on this research project. The award was established by the Council of Europe Committee of Convention 108 to reward innovative and original academic research projects helping to advance data protection reflections.

Prior to her current position, Ingrida also took part in the 2015 Price Media Law Moot Court Competition at Oxford University, worked as a Legal Consultant at the Legal Research Department of the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania, held the positions of an Assistant Legal Advisor-Intern at the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) in Leipzig, Germany and a Legal Intern at the Prosecutor General’s Office of Lithuania in Vilnius. 

Ingrida obtained her Master’s degree in International and European Union Law (magna cum laude) from Vilnius University in 2016 and defended her Master‘s thesis “International Legislation and Practice on the Protection of Whistle-Blowers: Guidelines for Lithuania“ with distinction.



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