Your support can make all the difference for a research or teaching project that is really close to your heart. Donate to a cause that really matters to you. We will ensure that 100% of your gift or bequest goes to your chosen cause. For donations worth €40 or more, you will receive a tax receipt allowing you to claim back 45% of your gift in your tax declaration.

In addition to donating via bank transfer (to a bank account number), there are other ways you can make a donation.

Donation via notarial deed

  • When donating immovable property, the donation must be administered by a notary. The gift tax is 0%.
  • For donations of movable property (money, jewels, antiques, books, etc.) it is not mandatory to have the donation registered. 

Donation of special collections

Donations such as a collection of artworks, unique objects, books etc. can be made by means of a manual gift. No notarial deed is necessary for this. You simply make the donation by handing over the goods. The University Fund will provide a proof of receipt.

Donation of equipment

As a company you can donate equipment to Ghent University. 

You can specify where your donation should go, but it is also possible to make a donation to Ghent University in general, in which case the University Fund will choose a worthy cause within academic research and/or teaching for the donation. 

For more information about making a donation to Ghent University, get in touch via or call us on +32 9 264 83 31.