Thinking of including Ghent University in your will? We’re here to listen!

Are you considering leaving a gift to Ghent University in your will? Then you will most likely come into contact with Terry Ediers and Elien Wanzeele from the University Fund. First off, they will take the time to listen to your wishes and questions.

Why should I choose to donate or include Ghent University in my will?Terry Ediers en Elien Wanzeele

ELIEN "Terry and I will take the time to listen to your stories and wishes in all discretion. Then together we look at how we can link your affinities to specific scientific research or themes within Ghent University. Moreover, what you choose do give as a donation or legacy, is tax-free. Everything you donate is entirely for the benefit of Ghent University."
TERRY “I myself have already been working at Ghent University for thirty years, so I have an extremely good idea of what researchers are working on, and where the greatest needs and societal challenges are. Within Ghent University there are 1001 different options where a donation can make a huge difference. Our task is to ensure that a legacy is put to use just as you intended."

Our goal is to give you peace of mind about your legacy”

What happens if I contact you for advice about my will?
TERRY "You can rely on our expertise in advising and assisting with the drafting of your will. We are there to assist you. If you wish, we will draw up a draft of your will with which you can go to the notary to be registered (although this is not mandatory)."
ELIEN "Together we look what the next steps are. When you want to meet us in your home, we are very glad to come by. If you prefer to come to see us in the Rectorate, that is also possible. The most important thing for us is that you feel comfortable. Our goal is to give you peace of mind about your legacy."
TERRY "Also we have the utmost respect for people who want to protect their anonymity. In that case we can contact you by phone or by e-mail. Your wish is our priority."

Legacy brochure

In the brochure of the University Fund you can find out more about:

  • People like you who chose to include Ghent University in their will
  • The impact your will can have on research
  • How Ghent University can advise you

Cover testamentenbrochure

Would you like to have a copy of the brochure sent to you by post?

Request a brochure (only available in Dutch)

Contact us

We advise you to prepare your will as carefully as possible, with proper reflection and expert advice.

Do you have questions, or maybe you would like to find out more about charitable causes at Ghent University? Please get in touch with Terry or Elien at the University Fund.
Terry +32 9 264 83 31
Elien +32 9 264 33 88

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