Legitimate reasons for absence from examination

  • Illness or accident that prevents participation in the exam.
  • Decease during the examination period in question of a relative by blood or marriage in 1st degree (parents or children) or in 2nd degree (grandparents, grandchildren, brother, sister) or of a person living with the student.
  • Judicial reasons (e.g. summoning or summons to appear before a court).
  • Overlap between exams, other than catch-up exams, within a GIT. Overlap means that 2 or more exams are held on the same day. The student must give priority to the previous course unit in order of the model track years.
  • Other forms of force majeure (an event that has nothing to do with the student and could not reasonably have been foreseen, prevented or overcome).
  • Mandatory quarantine or isolation because of COVID-19 (Adjustments Education and Examination Code 2021-2022)

Read more: Education and examination code article 75