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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE - As teaching activities have been suspended, we are happy to offer an alternative for live appointments: instead of giving live feedback, we will provide you with written feedback on your assignment, with the option of oral clarification via telephone or video chat (MS Teams).


This is how it works:

1) Book an appointment using the (c)ENTER calendar above.

2) Indicate in the comments field whether you'd like to receive written feedback only or written feedback + a phone/chat session. You will have the opportunity to schedule a phone or chat session once your text has been reviewed as well.

3) Email your text (4 pages max) at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to . Please also include the following information:

- your faculty and study programme

- the nature of your writing assignment (master's thesis, essay, paper, literature review, research paper, ...)

- the chapter or section of your text that you are submitting for feedback (introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion, ...)

- the research question (or thesis statement) of your text

- your deadline

4) One of the (c)ENTER tutors will be a critical reader of your text and will point out the strengths and weaknesses of your writing beyond merely correcting grammar errors and typos.

5) You will receive the reviewed version of your text via email. This might take up to a few days.


Please note:

- We have a maximum of two appointments per student per writing assignment. We expect that you take the time to process and apply the feedback you received on the excerpt you submitted first before you send in a second excerpt of the same writing assignment.

- We do not read the same text (or excerpt) twice. So please do not submit an adapted version of a text (or excerpt) you already received feedback on.