(c)ENTER - academic writing center

Glad to see you again! This semester, you will be able to book appointments at ©ENTER again, for individual feedback on any writing assignment. Check the availability on the calendar above and secure your spot by clicking a time slot and filling in your name and contact details. Until further notice, all appointments  are held online.

You do not have to submit your text in advance; just keep it ready in Word format at the beginning of your online appointment.

One of the (c)ENTER tutors will be a critical reader of your text and will point out the strengths and weaknesses of your writing beyond merely correcting grammar errors and typos. At the end of the session, they will use the academic writing checklist to summarize the main concerns of your text.


  • Online appointments are held via MS Teams. Just log in to MS Teams a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment and wait for the (c)ENTER tutor to call you.
  • You can book an appointment no longer than two months in advance.
  • Same-day appointments are not possible. Please book your appointment at least one day in advance.
  • (c)ENTER is open to all students, from Bachelor to Master level. Unfortunately, we do not provide feedback for university staff, researchers and doctoral students.



Please note:

- We have a maximum of two appointments per student per writing assignment. We expect that you take the time to process and apply the feedback you received on the first excerpt before you book a second appointment.

- We do not read the same text (or excerpt) twice. So please do not submit an adapted version of a text (or excerpt) you already received feedback on.