Agrobiotech and Food

Expertise and Services in the field of agrobiotech and food.

  • Big N2N – Bio Informatics Institute Ghent
    Center of excellence in state-of-the-art bioinformatical tools and methods with applications in the fields of Sustainable Agriculture and Successful Ageing.
  • Biocentrum AgrivetFarm for production level services (farm crops & animals).
  • Centre for advanced light microscopy: support of researchers in conducting microscopy based experiments
  • CropFit: Biostimulants and Biocontrol for Plants
  • End-of-Waste: creating value out of organic waste and residues
  • Food2Know: Feed, Food & Health
  • Honeybee Valley
    Documentation, training, and flower seed mixes to assist in the cultivation of bees.
  • ISOFYS: Isotope Bioscience Laboratory
  • M-team
    Advice, service and training related to udder health and milk quality. Farmer-tailored and based on scientific knowledge for healthier cows and profitable and sustainable dairy farming.
  • Microbial Ecology and Technology (CMET)
    Services in the fields of applied microbial ecology, functional food and feed, medical microbial ecology, risk assessment, biomaterials and nanotechnology, water treatment, aquaculture, bio-energy, and soils and sediments.
  • ProteoGent: Proteomics Expertise Center
  • PROVAXS: Innovation in Animal Health
  • (Industrial) Water Technologies
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