Services and facilities

Plasma sources

  • for fundamental and/or engineering purposes

→ contact Prof. dr. ir. Christophe Leys (

  • for application purposes

→ contact Prof. dr. Rino Morent (

  • Spectroscopic techniques like OES, LIF, MS

→ contact Dr. Anton Nikiforov (

Surface analysis

The research group offers several surface characterization techniques to universities and industry.
Click here to download a surface analysis request form to contact us.
Send this form to dr. ir. Nathalie De Geyter (

X-ray Photo-electron Spectroscopy (XPS)


PHI VersaProbe II Scanning XPS Microprobe

PHI VersaProbe II Scanning XPS Microprobe

Contact angle meter


Krüss Easydrop

Krüss Easydrop

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)


Park Systems XE-70

Atomic Force Microscope

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometers (FT-IR) with different accessories for ATR-FT-IR

Bruker Tensor 27 with Bruker Hyperion 2000 microscope

Bruker Tensor


















Bruker Vertex 70

Bruker Vertex