28-03-2017 Vacancy: Postdoctoral researcher for the software defined management of 5G and IoT networks
24-03-2017 Vacancy: PhD researcher Deep Learning
22-03-2017 Vacancy: PhD researcher mmWave active antenna systems
08-03-2017 imec contributes to Open Framework for Multilingual and Semantic Enrichment of Digital Content
07-03-2017 Vacancy: PhD researcher high performance and reliable software networks
07-03-2017 Vacancy: PhD scientific researcher in the field of bioinformatics
10-02-2017 Vacancy PhD research: hardware/software co-design of flexible and modular radio and network platforms
23-01-2017 IDLab researcher co-founds Indigo Diabetes
02-01-2017 Vacancy: Researcher/PhD student - spatio-temporal multimedia analysis
20-12-2016 Highly cited paper in “Optical Switching and Networking” journal
15-12-2016 Best Paper Award at EDAPS 2016
24-11-2016 Best Research Paper Award for "OSLO: open standards for linked organizations"
25-11-2016 Vacancy: PhD researcher on ‘Resource Management for Cybersecurity Applications’
22-10-2016 Post-deadline Paper on the 42nd European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC16')
19-10-2016 Best Poster Award for energy monitoring research
08-06-2016 Agoria e-Health Award voor project HIPS
02-05-2016 IDLab researchers winners in worldwide data science competition
18-04-2016 IDLab wins ERC grant to develop disruptive wireless ‘ATTO cells’
21-04-2016 iMinds-wetenschappers maken mobiele breedbandnetwerken stabieler en performanter
02-03-2016 GOOGLE finances IDLab’s research on prediction of online virality