Welcome to the website of the History Department of Ghent University.

Historische tijdvakken

The History Department proudly traces its history back to the History Department founded in 1891. The driving spirit behind its creation was Henri Pirenne, a renowned social and economic as well as political historian who laid the foundations of the 'Ghent Historical School' with prominent members such as Paul Fredericq, Franz Cumont, François Louis Ganshof, Hans Van werveke, Charles Verlinden, Jan Dhondt and Adriaan Verhulst.

The strength of the Department is its wide range of interest fields : political and institutional history and social economic and cultural history as well as recently developed fields such as world history, environmental history and public history are studied for all periods. From the last decades, the research methods undertaken by the Department follow a very cross-disciplinary approach (integrating methods of literature, art, anthropology, sociology, archeology, economics, geography, ecology, soil sciences etc.).