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Our mission

Pragmatic and feasible innovation

Scientific innovation is the basis for practical solutions in the water sector. New technologies and insights are crucial elements for a more efficient and reliable exploitation of water systems in a context of sustainable development.

Supporting diverse and glocal networks

Contribution to impactful cooperation via global and local networks of stakeholders and policy-makers is a key-approach of the research group. Many research projects are executed with diverse partners enabling multi-disciplinary research and impact.

Education for impact in the water sector

Education is diversified via tailor-made tools for the diverse types of students, stakeholders and policy-makers in relation to the water sector. Innovation from research is fast translated to knowledge in the sector and applied in the management of water systems.

Address and contact

Coupure Links 653, geb. F
9000 Gent 


+32 9 264 37 65


Head of Research Group

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