Ongoing PhD research

Resident PhD (alphabetically per country)

  • Brecht Stechele (Belgium): Supportive study for a new sector. How native oyster aquaculture and Restoration can enhance each other
  • Marieke Vandeputte (Belgium): Development of a diagnostic monitoring system for AHPND in shrimp aquaculture and use of transferrins as antimicrobial and immunomodulatory compounds against this infection.  
  • Dongdong Wang (China): The possible positive effects of beta-glucan, mnn9 yeast and Hsp70 on the performance of blue mussel larvae
  • Xiaoting (Anly) Zheng (China): Effects of dietary different strains of Lactobacillus on growth performance, immunity and intestinal microbiota in gnotobiotically grown Artemia
  • Kateřina Řeháková (Czechia): Establishment of an innovative contract research platform to support shrimp health product R&D
  • Alfredo Gabriel Loor Mera (Ecuador): Application of mutant yeast cells and their beta-glucans on performance on the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) larvae and spat
  • Elaheh Hasan Nataj Niazi (Iran): Culture of Artemia on bioflocs using halophilic bacteria
  • Nguyen Ngoc Diem (Vietnam): Effects of individual probiotic strains and multi-species probiotic on gene expression and translation in gnotobiotic Artemia and white shrimp

Sandwich PhD

  • Luana Granada Almeida (Portugal): EPISTRESS – Epigenetic mechanisms of stress tolerance in Brachionus sp.
  • Martin Sserwadda (Uganda): Artificial propagation and larviculture of local commercially important freshwater fish species
  • Ssekyanzi Athanasius (Uganda): Optimal water management for enhanced aquaculture production in the Rwenzon region, Uganda
  • Minh Tu Nguyen (Vietnam): White leg shrimp in finfish-integrated systems
  • Le Tran Huu (Vietnam): Optimized feeding strategies for Artemia franciscana production in salt pond systems in Vietnam

Former PhD researchers