GhEnToxLab services

Research services (contract research):

  • Standard tests of chemicals, products and environmental samples according to OECD test guidelines:
    • Acute and chronic ecotoxicity test with Daphnia magna 
    • Ecotoxicity test with freshwater algae and cyanobacteria
    • Biodegradation test
  • Ecotoxicity tests with other organisms on request
  • Ecological risk assessment and water quality criteria derivation

Contact Karel De Schamphelaere for more info or for a quote.

Scientific collaboration interests (research projects):

  • Improving ecological relevance of risk assessment
  • Aquatic Bioavailability Modeling of Chemicals
  • Ecotoxicity and risk assessment of mixtures
  • Evaluating toxicity reduction potential of new waste water technologies
  • Evaluating environmental safety of novel or alternative molecules
  • Green chemistry & sustainable by design
  • Ecotoxicological omics and new approach methods (NAMs) (with BGRL)
  • Marine ecotoxicology (with BGRL)

Contact Karel De Schamphelaere for more info.