Health value of meat

  • Fatty acid composition

LANUPRO has done extensive research on optimizing the fatty acid composition of meat from different species through animal feeding strategies, with focus on the (long-chain) n-3 fatty acids and the impact on the human fatty acid intake.

  • Digestion of (processed) meats

A high consumption of red meat and processed meats has been related to a higher risk for developing several chronic diseases. LANUPRO is performing research on the formation of potential harmful compounds during the digestion of meat, using in vitro and in vivo rodent digestion models. Particular interest is also given to dietary mitigating compounds.

  • Histidine-containing dipeptides

Carnosine (derived from carnis, Latin for meat) and anserine are naturally occurring dipeptides in meat with important biological functions. LANUPRO is interested in the variability among species and muscles of the concentrations of these dipeptides and the roles they may have in meat oxidative stability.


Projects relating to these fields of research